Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have one friend that admits to following my blog- If anyone else is following my blog- please send me an email on FB or write on my wall- Thanks!

So far- the eye cream is good but may try something else or Retin- A again- seems good
so far- got it Nov 20 so hopefully it'll last at leas t 3 months.
gotta watch the grammys- got adorable new dress for summer/spring at Marshalls- went yesterday with my friend to look at it- bought cute top- then he called me and talked me into getting the dress- hubby like it also. Bought soup for this week for dinner and may throw in chcken breast-- ate Chinese food and pasta all weekend and can't wait to go to gym and work out!

Gotta watch Lady Gaga now- I'm so gaga over Gaga!
Bad romance is great! Later, Me

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