Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make Yourself a Priority First

I'm lonely now. My husband accepted a job down South and now life goes on here and I am really realizing how dreary it is up here. At least when he was here, there was someone to talk to and ignore- now noone. My closest friends in building are leaving Fri for vacation Fri for 10 days and i am still working for the school. In between that, still have people looking at apt ay moments notice and have an OH coming up this weekend. If I still lived in city, I wouldn't feel so isolated. Now- How is it going to be down South? I'll have to try to meet some people like me- crazy as it sounds. Some Southern folk that like to do comedy, theater or whatever. This is a lot my fault. I just let my passions slide and now the highlight of my night is cooking chicken for my cat. Well, his birthday is tomorrow! Not so pathetic. At least I have my postcards to pick up Fri and will make an appt to visit that theatrical agency. Typical I do things when I will be out the door- I just pray his job gets better and he eases into it without burning himself out or else no move ans back to the old drawing board- Always seem to be going back to the old drawing board- like GroundHogs Day- the movie. God Help Us All!!! No LOL

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Change is very scary, It seem sso easy when u are younger. I used to moce a lot in my 30's and that was considered iunstable- so then when i pretty much become stabulized ina few different living situations, all of a sudden, another move Becomes like cement being poured all over my body. It was easier movinmg around NY- Even moving up to Westchester was traumatic but Atlanta, alabama- Well, my husband will be working in Alabama and we will live near Atlanta. My friend said to me- Well, you lived in Arizona didn't you? That was college- ample opportunity oo meet people when you are young and in school. Mot so easy when you are older and have no kids. The only things I should focus on is working. meeting peopele there and comedy places and casting agencies. I know they have them down there. What else am I supposed to do? I need a change though. This is stifling up here and it hopefully has to be better. I just hope everything goes smoothly and must have faith and trust. The cats - I worry about them driving down but would much rather that than in the plane. All details must be worked out carefully. Crossing fingers.