Thursday, April 29, 2010

Really pissed- Not only did I have such severe PMS last night- got period early-
25 days- so erratic now- pre- menopause buit My FRONT toooth bonding came out and just had it redone March 4th- What the #^&*! My dads' birthday is Sat and now I have to rearrange my haircut appt- Is he using shoddy materials??? Better get fixed- I look like something out of HEE Haw- maybe I can do Hee Haw- The Sequel!!!
And he better not even bring up a veneer! Can't even go there!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, it has been a while since my last blog- almost 2 weeks. The prooblem is my aimless sched. It has to have more purpose- I get on Farmville late and am too tired to write. Now I get on earlier and don't care as much. So our place is on the market and I think it's going to be tough. We have no idea where we are going and I wish we could move back to NYC - that would excite me- Pittsbugh might be Ok or even upstate for awhile. most of the time I am on the computer anyway so as long as the cats are happy and we are near a PetSmart, Walmart, some decent stores and movie theaters- TJ Maxx, I'm good to go and when I go to NY- I'll stay the weekend. I would like a decent job with benefits so that is the next step. Job Security is really important to me especially now since the big # is around th ecorner. I hope to stay healthy and hope all my loved ones are as well, especially my husband, the cats and my parents and sisters. Franks neice should be giving birth on my dads birthday- May 1st-her due date- Hope everything works out with her. She is a very nice girl. Well, this is a start. I must use my water pik now and get ready for bed. I hope Brett Michaels gets better- I feel bad for him. So sad. xo- Nins

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th!!!

Wow- I thought I'be be this big shot blogger who everyone would know and u know what- I am spending a lot of time on my virtual time- I believe it really is my farm. I wish it was- it is pretty and spacious and I have some areas where u can just relax. Some peoples farms just are pack- racks- tons of crap just to get to higher levels but it is so cramped. A real farm would not look like that!
Anyway, it is fun. Board meeting on garage tonight- should not affect buyers as it is a positive improvement- we'll see- At least it got us to clean up the place.
I want to dish more on current events but too tired from FV- Damn You- Farmville!!!
Love You Farmville!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Know why I call it Freeday- Because I do not work Fridays- so it's a Freeday and I am enjoying it. I am now feeling better about the move- stuff will finally be thrown out- put up for sale or given away. The area we are thinking of in within an hour so I really hopes it works out. No more talk- no jinxing- First this place has to be sold first. Cross fingers. Kittys freak out.

I am really upset about hearing about the Russian boy being sent back to Russia by himself on an airplane. He must have been so scared. Everyone knows Russias' orphanages are tough and a lot of the kids may have fetal alcohol syndrome as well but there are some cases wher the adoptions are positive.

A friend of my friend adopted a Russian girl about 6 or 7 yrs ago when the little girl was 4 and I hear she is an angel and doing very well, she is adorable. I think a lot of it is who is doing the parenting. These poor Russian kids and all parents who treat adoption like disposable trash. It sickens me. Now other parents who want to adopt from Russia cannot because of this mess. Note to Russia: Treat your oprphans well and do not abuse them mentally or physically- A lot of people want these kids and if you do not treat them well, they will have severe mental and physical problems when people who want to give them a loving home try to adopt them and now that is on hold. This whole situation needs to be examined more carefully.

TBC- Nina

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thirdday Nite

Well, finally put apartment up- scared- hate moving- building is so messed up-
what can u do- hopefully everything will work out- Been here long enuf. Have to break it to my parents- will miss friends, this will not be easy.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sundae Night

Saw Hot Tub Time Machine - It was funny- Thought it would be dumb but surprised it kept my interest. Jon Cusak is one of my favs and all actors were good- a little too much cursing but then again- always roo much cusing in movies- Just for Fun- Go see it-

Still have a long list of ther movies- Single Man- others- tried cannot think of-
Tired now- Happy Easter- must do thi earlier- Had unbelievable Haagen - Daz vanilla milkshake with oreo cookie- so good-

Nice Easter Work tomorrow- then must hit gym!!!! TBC!

Be Safe- Nina

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Foos Day

Thank God it is April 1st- hubbys feeling better, a scorny as it sounds- It is nice spring as finally sprung- To see flowers aside from Farmville is amazing-

Weather was beautiful today and just shot some stuff around town- not exciting but the color is real rich and the sky wa sso blue - it was nice- taking it with me tomorrow- Happy Easter- I'll try to write again soon!