Friday, September 24, 2010

OK- here I go- I haven't written on here in a while because a lot it going on but I'm still sitting in the same place. Things seem to take a lot longer than u think and
it would be great if we could just know what the right thing would be or say but we don't and we do the best we can. Somerimes we win and people like us and sometimes
for no reason at all- we get the cold shoulder but remember it isn'i us- it is them.
Everyone has something they are dealing with but noone ever really knows. That's what being human is.
My husband is back until Sunday and then I won't see him for awhile again but next time he has 3 days extra leave time- no he does not work for the army but the company is run like an army- Feel like an Atmy Wife- We are close to selling our place and I pray everything goes smoothly and these people get their mortgage. So now realisitically- I'll prob be here until Nov or even middle of Nov- I'm OK with that- tons to do and they wanted a closing date of Oct 20- ironically I never would have had the guts to leave my part- time job I've had at a college for over 3 yrs if this opportunity did not come up. Now I can try to do extra work- not thats so much better but I really need to be around people. My sisters' coming in next week from LA and my mom has to get another biopsy Tues- she had a lumpectomy 2 yrs ago- they think it is just scar tissue and I pray it is because isn't it weird for cancer to come back in same exact place- I do not know but I pray she will be OK- Dads' Alzheimers is getting worse everyday - so much worse than last year and it makes me so sad to think one day he won't even recognize me. I am sad now It was World Alzheimers WeeKlast week and Celebrity Millionaire donate all their money to Alzheimers. Wish they could find a cure.
Tired now- will try to write more consistently more now that I have a clearer head.
Be grateful for your health