Monday, May 23, 2011

Taking the Blogs Offline

Dear Friends and Followers.

I have decided to take this blog offline because I feel I can be freer than having it open to the public. I learned I haven't
been as open and honest as I'd like to be because it is online.

I've nothing to hide but let's face it- most people read blogs from having a following- I do not have a following- yet but hope to one day in near future.

I need to focus more on myself and my needs and not worry what everyone else is doing or who I've pissed off - Bottom Line- Who Cares? You can't live to please anyone but yourself- it just won't happen and there is no reason why you should.
FB is starting to get me sick- It's mostly used for self- promotion and things that seem like they should be private are made public- I got sucked into it that also but now I want to get away from it.

Remebering peoples birthdays I barely communicate with- ridiculous. I'd rather gain knowledge and feel like FB steals my knowledge while it gives me very little in return- Although some on my friends list have some interesting things to say but lately even pressing the like button is getting tiresome
Having said that. I have not been blogging much- I realize they are like a dime a dozen so time to venture on my own.

I'll pop in and out once in a while- Nina

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I like writing funny stuff on FB but really hate when people friend you and are always like up your butt- It's so annoying- I hate to be mean but if this continues some people must be defriened - soon!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fell bad sick of snow cooped up cant wait og o into city 2weeks fear is getting to me- sick of this job need things to get bette rine very day- blah blah blH SUCH BULLSHiT- THank god for cats

Monday, January 24, 2011

OMG- Jury duty sucks help like going to airport- waiting room no destinayion snrers- gross people and smelly
waiting waiting hard to stay awake- quarters the meter quarters the meter- work no pay- have to tell lawyer finacial life story- do not make me serve- lousy jury- i have gas all day- ill say that- gas all day 24/ 7
cold today- everyone was froxen on street- saw people walkingin courthouse- same people frozen poutside- like hi,am popsicles- CRAZEE

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Sucks

OK- so I am not writing everday but at least it's closer. I know when I hit Level 46 that's it-
I won't be on FV and can focus on other stuff. Working at home with your husband is really hard- Thank God I have the upstairs- it's like my little apartment- only thing I do not have up here is a LITTLE REFRIG AND BATHROOM- accid cap locks. Tomorrow is my day off and I have to see The Fighter- a Must on my list- my pjs are torn and I need pants- Marshalls might be OK for pjs but not sure about pants- It's always like the 3rd world in there- The Illegals
go crazy inhere and the place really looks like a hovel- not nice and purty like Greenwich.
I'll go to TJ Max when I visit my mom next week and they should have some decent merchandise. I have to work out now and get the #$%^ out of this house. TBC- Niner