Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have one friend that admits to following my blog- If anyone else is following my blog- please send me an email on FB or write on my wall- Thanks!

So far- the eye cream is good but may try something else or Retin- A again- seems good
so far- got it Nov 20 so hopefully it'll last at leas t 3 months.
gotta watch the grammys- got adorable new dress for summer/spring at Marshalls- went yesterday with my friend to look at it- bought cute top- then he called me and talked me into getting the dress- hubby like it also. Bought soup for this week for dinner and may throw in chcken breast-- ate Chinese food and pasta all weekend and can't wait to go to gym and work out!

Gotta watch Lady Gaga now- I'm so gaga over Gaga!
Bad romance is great! Later, Me

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today better day. Whettie more optimistic about work stuff and that make sme feel more at ease. I also got a nice Associte Outstanding Achievement Award from my job along with a 25 dollar gift card- Obviously, can't buy much but I am sure they have a budget for the year allocated for this stuff. It is also good for my self- esteem all around.

I wrote some jokes tonight and got some good comments on FB- wonder if they will be on these late night shows. I know these writers go on FB and look for funny stuff- who is gonna know- must be more plagarism going on now than ever.

Ate lots of pasta tonight but worked out hard. Tomorrow busy day- work, cat food errands, maybe Costco and Jeff visit Fri- Ugh- vacum- should be fun- have not seen him in almost a yr- since March'09 so that will be nice- maybe we'll go to that Asian place for lunch near me and Marshalls after- Do I dare? Gotta go now and wash my face and put my red wine anti- eye wrinkle cream on. Think it's helping. OK, later- Nina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tonight is Tuesday, feel much better than yesterday. We will prob still move but it won't hapen overnight. First, we have to find a place we like- go back if we like it- Big decision and selling this place is not going to be easy. An average range of time is about 3 months- we'll see- One day at a time. I just think- who will I really miss- some of my friends but that isn't a main reason to stay. Myparents even though I only see them once a month for about 4 hrs. I am not close with my sister and hardly ever speak to her, I have tried but it's time to just move on- we just aren't close and most likely never will be. I used to go there when the kids were little- they adored me then and I used to count how many words she would say to me- Barely talked to me- I was always uncomfortable but put up with it because I wanted the kids to love me. If I say it's raining out, even if it is, she will say- no it isn't- After a while, a pattern emerges. Most people care about their significant others and thier kids and their own lives but they can get on without you. as long as they can communicate with you and tell you what's going on with THEM, everyones' happy. NYC- yeah, I miss it but when I go in I see memories not the way it is now but what I remember- going out, relationships, the good times even when I was broke and doing comedy- everyone was doing it and it seemed like a group collaboration. I think I liked that mor e than actually going up. It made me feel less lonely. Always someone to talk to, usually it was about them but still- it was nice for a while. I just want to move somewhere where there is a little nightlife, a cute little city. Some culture- Nothing like
Port Chester. I have to change the name of my blog- It's really not Just Ask nina- that is more of an advice column idea I had way back- I have a new name- Time to look for Edit Blog Name, shall we!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Brain is under construction... come back tomorrow- A lot is going on now and I have a lot tothink about! Scary!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Lazy Sunday!!! SURPRISE

Ok, so I first get up at 6:45- late for the cats and feed them- hubby mad- woke him up- BRRr-

I was throwing leftover cat food down drain and woke him up - BAD MOVE! They climb on me- not him and I really did not want to plug up sink but so early in morning- much easier than throwing it down garbage- Husband wakes yp- mad- sleeps on couch- I go back to bed- cats happy as usual- that's it- Watched SAG awards last night- kinda not exciting- since Golden Globes was last week- too much- too soon- Academy Awards the best- thought that Inglorous Basratrds won for best ensemble cast and Mo'nique and SANDRA Bollock won again- Monmique smart this time- covered her legs totally- shaving is a pain- and it is like going around in a circle- have to keep doing it. Lucky she's got a man who doesn't care. I use Mach 2 blades and they are the best- but still- legs, armpits- stomach area- Whu can'y I be French! Damn it!!

We are trying to move elsewhere because it's to expensive n Westchester- We need to go where taxes are low but health insurance is not too bad- this been going on since last yr but then my husband got a good job but it ended and it was not supposed to and now he is bitter and I think it's time- We have no kids- just want the move to be OK for the cats and my parents live here My dad has Alzheimers- it's scary- when u get married u think birdies and nice music wonder- maybe if I had a kid- would not seem so bad- now you need mucho bucks to have a kid-

It always catches up with you. At least meopause should take up some of my whining in next 3 years!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am so tired but have to be disciplined and write on here everyday. It's Conans' last night- bittersweet and just really nice to watch him. 3 minutes he's gone. He is so funny and I always was a fan of him. Where are my fans! He's getting 32 million, I am getting 32 cents-I can buy a mini- kit- kat bar with that, I think. I really wan to write more but am tired, have to go- Good Night All- Don't be Cynical!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I really have nothing new to say- checked Farmville- Top Priority= Facebook Witty Banter
and remembered- Ohm yeah- i have a blog now-I am important. I worked today, went to gym- made dinner, watched some TV and cleaned litter box. A good friend of mine is coming up tomororw so I HAVE to vacum- and wash hair but got snacks and wine already and all I have to do is go see my shrink during the day- In Greenwich where everyone is blond and long- legged
and stepped right off the Mayflower - It is Hedge Fund City. I will go to thePet Store- get my catties a bag of salmon dry food and go to CVS in Greenwich- They are so well stocked because it is Greenwich- they even have their own security guards- no- kidding!!! I'll be driving my husbands' BMW which makes me feel good and I feel like I fit in- even though I do not. It's the look that counts and I have it- minus the Kate Spade bags and Prada clothes. I used to go into Saks to buy Mac and Bobbi Brown makeup but it got so humiliating because no one ever came over to me- like I was of no value- They must have smelled that lack of money on me. Meanwhile, they are working in the store so Hellooo- why should they have attitude- Even the cops in Greenwich and the gardeners in Greenwich are snobby! ha ha
Goodnight- Try to be more amusing tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am so glad is Wednesday, Wednessday is tough. I work all day- take a break to check FB- check on my fake farm- and work some more. Trying to be nice on the phone but easy when you get paid for it- no matter it's a paycheck which is very much needed. I have no food in my house and for lunch ate low- fat swiss cheede slices and for dinner a canned salmon that was sitting here for quite a while. Lettermans' gushing about how cute Scott Brown is. I guess everyone is. That cosmo pix of him is nice- he still looks good. I guess him for 50 or 32 tops. I have a reunion coming up in May- have mixed feelings about it- I am sooo different from HS- but I gueess a lot of people have changed. Hopefully! It's just weird- Heres; how reunion goes- You go from Hi- your family is rally cute- how old are your kids? toNo, I have no kids, married yeah, I used to do comedy and before know it- you are telling the waiters the and the bartender your life story- you know why- cause your HS friends really don't give a shit! It's all about how many peeps show up and can we turn over a profit. It is a good deal. I'm just worried after a half hour- bye- bye- Like that 30 Rock episode- so funnny.
OK- tired- Have to get to bed- more tommorrow! So happy they rescured some Haittian children today- Finally, some good news coming out of there.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I was so happy- my friend from LA told me she like my blog. I was happy- She likes what I wrote about the cat. I want comments, comments, comments. I'll have to learn how to figure this out.
Not comments about me but comments on opinions about things people want to write about. Things that matter to you.
Negativity is just a waste of time so please if you are going to read this, have something positive to add- fine.
So now Obama is really screwed- Brown won and now we won't get that "great" health coverage we were expecting. It won't matter to us but it will matter to Obama and the Democratic administration. Maybe if he did what he said he would do during his campaign instead of pissing off so many Americans with no change, this would not happen. The only change in the White House is in his pocket.

Monday, January 18, 2010

This is so funny. noone is following me. Had that feeling- this is like a diary online- Oh, I picked my nose- my foot hurts. I take psyllium husks like it's going out of style. Actually, read a funy authorI liked that he took it every night and it really made him regular- all's I'm sayin/ Nobody is going to read this but me. I could have just started writing on word and sent it to a publisher to get rejected. - I could pretend to be someone else and then maybe other would follow but is it really worth my time. I've more important things to do- like play Farmville- watch Billy Bush on
that gossip show every night. He seems like a friendly Bush- can't believe he is related to George Bush- although I see a slight resemblance. If I ever met him, I would not bring it up- that' be a Debbie Downer for him. Winters moving along- not quite fast enogh but when it hits Feb- then it goes fast- especially if you can get away for a few days whichis hopefully what we will do. I love going away but miss the cats sooo much, can't imagine whatit must be like to leave your kids- when they are little- when they get bigger- it's different. I am watching my cat sleep- so peaceful in her little bed- It's funny- they can go to sleep- no problem- guess because they have no anxiety- what- where's my wet food? I have to use the litter box- where's my catnip- I love animals- they are so sweet, innocent and loveable- sort of like how humans start out.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi- did everyone see the Golden Globe- was not so exciting- Thought they snubbed Quentin Tarantinos' movie on purpose- so glad the German actor won best supporting actor. Mickey Rourke looked like he was wearing a mask and the highlight of the night was Ricky Gervais's intro to Mel Gibson- people were spitting up laughing. To be honest, with what's going on in Haiti it was hard to watch and enjoy it while people are still over there buried alive, babies are dying, everyones' dying and where is all the US Aid??? I do not get it- this tragedy is so horriffic- I can't even bear to watch it on CNN anymore and hear the cries and moans of people and the sad
families wiping away their tears after just burying another loved one. It is so heartbreaking and what about the oprphanges? I just don't get it- reporters can get there no problem but getting aid to the dying is like- so difficult. This really sucks!! I have to go to bed now but will not be having sweet dreams, I can assure you that.
Sorry peeps- My mistake- looks like the Golden Globes are tonight. Must have benn under my usual rock. Everthings' Golden- The Golden Girls- poor Rue Mclanachan had a stroke- pray for her... so funny- not the stroke- she was as Blanche on The Golden Girls. Golden Gloves- boxing- I know so much about that and Goldens Mustard- no, that's Guldens Mustard??-- but that is really good mustard- I put mustard in and on everthing- it has no calories and adds a nice kick- not in deserts, though. That would taste weird.

Ok, better put my gown on and get all gussied up for The Golden Globes- Shoot, know that it is tonight- I have to do my own hair and makeup!!!
Lazy Sunday- Wow- My own blog- so exciting!!! I'vw not much to say- lazy day- still in bathrobe and deciding when and if, to shower. So, the big Massuchsetts Senate race is Tues- if the democrats do not win- the Senate will have less than 60 democratic votes. What do you think??

See,I'm trying to be political even though I think most of them are full of crap. Power, Power, Power and now look at Haiti- Incredible, isnt it- Now on to the next thing- Power!!!! We care we care- back to Power- It's all an act if you ask me- Everything is so carefully timed- They probably have a timer ser- OK- next thing to act like we care about!!!!

Now- On to what I really know well- the Celebs- Why are we talking about the Golden Globes now- isn't it like a week away- Can't we have some breathing space before we have to see who is wearing what designer dress- Although- I admit- I love seeing some of these celebs dress horribly- you think- Wow- they are just like me-I'd wear something stupid like that too!
Ok, shower time- Obama is getting heckled right now on TV and I thought he was pretty funny !!!