Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Lazy Sunday!!! SURPRISE

Ok, so I first get up at 6:45- late for the cats and feed them- hubby mad- woke him up- BRRr-

I was throwing leftover cat food down drain and woke him up - BAD MOVE! They climb on me- not him and I really did not want to plug up sink but so early in morning- much easier than throwing it down garbage- Husband wakes yp- mad- sleeps on couch- I go back to bed- cats happy as usual- that's it- Watched SAG awards last night- kinda not exciting- since Golden Globes was last week- too much- too soon- Academy Awards the best- thought that Inglorous Basratrds won for best ensemble cast and Mo'nique and SANDRA Bollock won again- Monmique smart this time- covered her legs totally- shaving is a pain- and it is like going around in a circle- have to keep doing it. Lucky she's got a man who doesn't care. I use Mach 2 blades and they are the best- but still- legs, armpits- stomach area- Whu can'y I be French! Damn it!!

We are trying to move elsewhere because it's to expensive n Westchester- We need to go where taxes are low but health insurance is not too bad- this been going on since last yr but then my husband got a good job but it ended and it was not supposed to and now he is bitter and I think it's time- We have no kids- just want the move to be OK for the cats and my parents live here My dad has Alzheimers- it's scary- when u get married u think birdies and nice music wonder- maybe if I had a kid- would not seem so bad- now you need mucho bucks to have a kid-

It always catches up with you. At least meopause should take up some of my whining in next 3 years!!

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