Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today better day. Whettie more optimistic about work stuff and that make sme feel more at ease. I also got a nice Associte Outstanding Achievement Award from my job along with a 25 dollar gift card- Obviously, can't buy much but I am sure they have a budget for the year allocated for this stuff. It is also good for my self- esteem all around.

I wrote some jokes tonight and got some good comments on FB- wonder if they will be on these late night shows. I know these writers go on FB and look for funny stuff- who is gonna know- must be more plagarism going on now than ever.

Ate lots of pasta tonight but worked out hard. Tomorrow busy day- work, cat food errands, maybe Costco and Jeff visit Fri- Ugh- vacum- should be fun- have not seen him in almost a yr- since March'09 so that will be nice- maybe we'll go to that Asian place for lunch near me and Marshalls after- Do I dare? Gotta go now and wash my face and put my red wine anti- eye wrinkle cream on. Think it's helping. OK, later- Nina

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