Monday, January 18, 2010

This is so funny. noone is following me. Had that feeling- this is like a diary online- Oh, I picked my nose- my foot hurts. I take psyllium husks like it's going out of style. Actually, read a funy authorI liked that he took it every night and it really made him regular- all's I'm sayin/ Nobody is going to read this but me. I could have just started writing on word and sent it to a publisher to get rejected. - I could pretend to be someone else and then maybe other would follow but is it really worth my time. I've more important things to do- like play Farmville- watch Billy Bush on
that gossip show every night. He seems like a friendly Bush- can't believe he is related to George Bush- although I see a slight resemblance. If I ever met him, I would not bring it up- that' be a Debbie Downer for him. Winters moving along- not quite fast enogh but when it hits Feb- then it goes fast- especially if you can get away for a few days whichis hopefully what we will do. I love going away but miss the cats sooo much, can't imagine whatit must be like to leave your kids- when they are little- when they get bigger- it's different. I am watching my cat sleep- so peaceful in her little bed- It's funny- they can go to sleep- no problem- guess because they have no anxiety- what- where's my wet food? I have to use the litter box- where's my catnip- I love animals- they are so sweet, innocent and loveable- sort of like how humans start out.

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