Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twoday Night

I went to my neighbors for dinner and she made this incredible brisket. It was so good and just hung out with her and her husband, nice time- I went home and my husband is still not feeling well even though he had sinis surgury Fri so figure I should just keep quiet until he feels better. Maybe he would feel better if I made 80 grand, so would I believe me!! My friend is so nice- she brought him a plate of food and cake for desert. He said he got hungry and ate so he will eat it tomorrow. Feel like eating it tomorrow. I try to be nice and really wish people would treat me the same or else I see trouble ahead. Tent City here I come!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, feel better today- have good feeling reunion will still be at same place and I can still go- a lot of people like me, some do not- that is life! I know! , sound like Sally fileld when she accepted her Oscar and said " You like me- You really like me"- She will never live that down! I plan on enjoying myself no matter what!

Anyway, my friend invited me for passover dinner Tues night= that made me feel good- Too many yrs up until recently I relied on my mom- neither me or my sister make it-
both married to Gentiles so that is the story but sometimes I crave matza ball soup, chopped liver and all that good stuff. That is what I miss most about living in the city- you could get what u wanted whenever u wanted it- I used to live by the original 2nd Ave deli and it was great- I'd always get free samples while I waited- chopped liver on Challah bread, I used to get matza ball soup, chopped liver and
chalah bread was always given out. Good Times, So sad when owner was murderd- he was a really nice guy. Sometimes I'd eat in there and once I took a gf of mine there and this old Jewish couple next to us were so fascinated that she was a Christian enjoying this type of food. They ignored me the whole time but it was like she was a celebrity to them! Right out of a Seinfeld episode! I'm getting hungry- have to go now- will write more later- For those reading - Thanks and spread the word!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sootday Nite

Today was exhausting. worked earlier, had to clean up, Franks healing nicely- Thank God but was quite irritated about this whole Hs Reunion thing. I sent my check in earlier think it would be at 1 venue- only finding out it will be at an even more inconvenient location further out east on Lung Island. The person I am supposed to go with takes her time geting back to me. I could understand that to a point buecause she has a child or maybe she does not really want to go with me. The people with much deeper pockets had failed to send their money in as said, which reminds me more of why I wanted to get out of that neighborhood in the first place. People say one thing and do another- fuckin' annoying! Plus, the hotel room rate is much higher and if that friend decides not to go, I'm not going becasue I really do not want o spend 200 plus 2 round trip train tickets for what may feel like the longest night of my life. Now- we wait unitil Wed and see what happens, either way, I'm Ok with it-
I could use the 75 back that I wrote for this thing in so far advance- it is just so funny how some people do not mind telling u where they spend their money but are so tight at letting it go for other things. I'm direct and find some people can''t handle that. The older I get, the less I want to please people. My goal is to get more involved with my writing, start stand- up again- found some places to go by comics on FB in the city- and just stop giving a shit. If I felt like this long ago, well, it is pointless to go back- only forward. I will write again soon- possibly about my make believe reunion, which might be better than the real one anyway. Just as well.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Thank God it is Thurs- My husband is getting sinus surgury and I hope and pray everything willl go OK. I hope it goes smoothly and he is in a better mood and feels like his old self.

I have to go to sllep now- we have to be at hospital early tomorrow- good cafe' there and I'll bring some books and mags- better pack em up now!

Good night- xo- Nie

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunda Night Again

I hate politics, isn't everything political though- you know that as an adult- lucky kids don't- so innocent and fresh. I hate watching the stocks and stuff, I hope this HC plan gets
gets fixed after it passes or it is totally going to suck- Watch the health insurance company stocks go up- Gross- like buying tobacco stock- This is a setup. No public option and believe me, the health insurance companies will always win- along with the bankers. People are shit to them- especially poor people- this place- America is getting more like a caste system every day- Of course, in the city- you never knew how much money peeeps had but up here in Westchester and Ct- you sure do-
it is like that in the suburbs- a real race to beat your neighbor or at least be equal to them, glad I do not have to play that game- not here where I live.
Money is great but the love of money is bad. Remember the difference and you will be fine. I said that. I did not quote anyone. Nancy Pelosi seems so phony- she looks more like a PTA mom. I find anything that comes out of her mouth useless and boring- I do not like her as Speaker of the House. I ran out of eye stuff Fri and got more-
I ran into Sephorra like i had not had water for days, i had to met my friend and only had minutes to spare- gasping- i ask- where's the skin cream section- Wheres' Clarique- not the name- never remember it but so happpy to get it. Like I was happy again- so pahthetic- so glad it's spring- now it can be fun and bright again, Winter did go fast though! Goodnight, Nie

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Twoday is almost over and I am tired from being a good houswife all day and writing in dark- I do not care- Niece in Neece- no- funny but Jamaica- I know- spelled Neece wrong! Jamaica my blog friend who admits to reading blog.
I am so tired now- must sleep and dream happy thoughts-

Great- Midweek is here- Polished my nails and ready for fun.

Hate people who brag and exaggerate- We all know them- FB is famous for it- Oh, I did this- had this gig- we rocked- I am soo fabulous, blahn blah, brag- I got no love as a kid- boo - hoo-

Question- That romance writer who got her bf to pay for her IVFs- she was 49- Thought there was age limit on that - anyway- til whenever....

Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is Moonday. I woke up late, exhausted and we were out of milk. Great, how would I drink my cofee. Turns out it is not so bad black, if you let it cool down a bit. I used to put cream cheese in it but the cream cheese went hard Steaming black coffee is a definite no- no. Then I proceed to call my bank to get my check deposit- They put my 401 K back in again and when I finally got the # of the woman in charge- who initially screwed up on the first time I said I did not want it,that was fixed for next check but apparantly- new payroll system- she apologized and forgot to put the new "code" in- funny when higher ups screw up, they just laugh it off. I had a splittling migraine all day and think it's from stress plus I have
this lightbulb that my husband put in that was in another lamp- but this lamp is more exposed and the light is too bright- It's like the interogation light.
I look up at it and say I did nothing wrong before I start work, along with painting on a Hitler mustache. Well, another celebrity couple split up- Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet- This is her 2nd director husband- guess she wasn't getting any good movie roles so time to move on- kinda surprised- she was prob cheating on him- she's always naked in movies. Tired, mor tomorrow- goodnight Moonday!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've decided to call my blog for today-
Sundae- So much better than Sunday- the day before the Monday blahs- Maybe I'll change everyday of the week so it is a special day. Something to think about.
Now really want ot see the movie Runaways about the band Joan jett started. Can't get Cherry Bomb out of my head. The female- yah! Another female director used to direct music videos has an interesting background. Got good reviews. I remeber when Isaw Richard Linklaters' Dazed and Confused- so cool and Cherry bomb stood out inthat movie also. Feel like seeing that again too.
Went to my sisters this morning to say hi to my neice and wew eeg oing to goout for breakfast but ny sister vancelled and I did not get msg anyhoo in time so I drove over there- It was nice- my neice made omelots and we all just talked. She is so pretty and thin! she is going on a lovely spring break trip - Wow! To be 20 again and she is very sweet and nice- I love her a lot. Anyway, it started thunder and lightening so loud like in a horror movie so I wass caredd riving back but it was fine- no crazies on road. Left around 12:30 when storm was starting up again.
OK< Desperate Houswive is on now- will continue later!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too Stressed

I have not written in a while, I've been really upset. I have cabin fever and was all set to go into the city on Fri and have a little fun which used to be much more often. Anyway, I go to sleep Wed night- brush my teeth- everything fine- I wake up Fri and my bonding came off my front tooth and I look like I belong on Hee- Haw. This is not good. I immediately call my dentist and get to see him later that day, He does the job, always talking about a veneer- I told him- I would if I had the money- you know I'm vain and he left me alone but at the rate of these bondings-
hopefully this will last a few more yrs and I can afford the veneer next time- 1,000 bucks- too me it's a lot of money- clothes, vacation or nothing- as the usual.
I am living week to week, paycheck to paycheck and now had to dip into my savings. I keep hoping the magical fairy will make things right again but so far she has not cast her spell on me. I send out resumes', nothing. I've never seen anything like this. Now Cablevision has taken off ABC- How is this even allowed? I really feel like this counry is turning into Russia- I'm so pissed. It's not the point- Oh, we all know who is gonna win- I feel like I am sitting with them- laughing with Brad and Angelina, sharing looks with Jeff Bridges- giving him a thumbs up for his performaace and yes, of course I'll be at Wolfgang Putz' party eating all those delicious foods in the shape of Oscars- all the losers are going to look at all the Oscar Shaped food and starting freaking out. Fuck these Oscars! I'm doing a reality show- Goodnight and Godbless Everyone except Cablevision- you guys suck!!