Monday, March 15, 2010


Today is Moonday. I woke up late, exhausted and we were out of milk. Great, how would I drink my cofee. Turns out it is not so bad black, if you let it cool down a bit. I used to put cream cheese in it but the cream cheese went hard Steaming black coffee is a definite no- no. Then I proceed to call my bank to get my check deposit- They put my 401 K back in again and when I finally got the # of the woman in charge- who initially screwed up on the first time I said I did not want it,that was fixed for next check but apparantly- new payroll system- she apologized and forgot to put the new "code" in- funny when higher ups screw up, they just laugh it off. I had a splittling migraine all day and think it's from stress plus I have
this lightbulb that my husband put in that was in another lamp- but this lamp is more exposed and the light is too bright- It's like the interogation light.
I look up at it and say I did nothing wrong before I start work, along with painting on a Hitler mustache. Well, another celebrity couple split up- Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet- This is her 2nd director husband- guess she wasn't getting any good movie roles so time to move on- kinda surprised- she was prob cheating on him- she's always naked in movies. Tired, mor tomorrow- goodnight Moonday!

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