Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunda Night Again

I hate politics, isn't everything political though- you know that as an adult- lucky kids don't- so innocent and fresh. I hate watching the stocks and stuff, I hope this HC plan gets
gets fixed after it passes or it is totally going to suck- Watch the health insurance company stocks go up- Gross- like buying tobacco stock- This is a setup. No public option and believe me, the health insurance companies will always win- along with the bankers. People are shit to them- especially poor people- this place- America is getting more like a caste system every day- Of course, in the city- you never knew how much money peeeps had but up here in Westchester and Ct- you sure do-
it is like that in the suburbs- a real race to beat your neighbor or at least be equal to them, glad I do not have to play that game- not here where I live.
Money is great but the love of money is bad. Remember the difference and you will be fine. I said that. I did not quote anyone. Nancy Pelosi seems so phony- she looks more like a PTA mom. I find anything that comes out of her mouth useless and boring- I do not like her as Speaker of the House. I ran out of eye stuff Fri and got more-
I ran into Sephorra like i had not had water for days, i had to met my friend and only had minutes to spare- gasping- i ask- where's the skin cream section- Wheres' Clarique- not the name- never remember it but so happpy to get it. Like I was happy again- so pahthetic- so glad it's spring- now it can be fun and bright again, Winter did go fast though! Goodnight, Nie

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