Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ok, feel better today- have good feeling reunion will still be at same place and I can still go- a lot of people like me, some do not- that is life! I know! , sound like Sally fileld when she accepted her Oscar and said " You like me- You really like me"- She will never live that down! I plan on enjoying myself no matter what!

Anyway, my friend invited me for passover dinner Tues night= that made me feel good- Too many yrs up until recently I relied on my mom- neither me or my sister make it-
both married to Gentiles so that is the story but sometimes I crave matza ball soup, chopped liver and all that good stuff. That is what I miss most about living in the city- you could get what u wanted whenever u wanted it- I used to live by the original 2nd Ave deli and it was great- I'd always get free samples while I waited- chopped liver on Challah bread, I used to get matza ball soup, chopped liver and
chalah bread was always given out. Good Times, So sad when owner was murderd- he was a really nice guy. Sometimes I'd eat in there and once I took a gf of mine there and this old Jewish couple next to us were so fascinated that she was a Christian enjoying this type of food. They ignored me the whole time but it was like she was a celebrity to them! Right out of a Seinfeld episode! I'm getting hungry- have to go now- will write more later- For those reading - Thanks and spread the word!

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