Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've decided to call my blog for today-
Sundae- So much better than Sunday- the day before the Monday blahs- Maybe I'll change everyday of the week so it is a special day. Something to think about.
Now really want ot see the movie Runaways about the band Joan jett started. Can't get Cherry Bomb out of my head. The female- yah! Another female director used to direct music videos has an interesting background. Got good reviews. I remeber when Isaw Richard Linklaters' Dazed and Confused- so cool and Cherry bomb stood out inthat movie also. Feel like seeing that again too.
Went to my sisters this morning to say hi to my neice and wew eeg oing to goout for breakfast but ny sister vancelled and I did not get msg anyhoo in time so I drove over there- It was nice- my neice made omelots and we all just talked. She is so pretty and thin! she is going on a lovely spring break trip - Wow! To be 20 again and she is very sweet and nice- I love her a lot. Anyway, it started thunder and lightening so loud like in a horror movie so I wass caredd riving back but it was fine- no crazies on road. Left around 12:30 when storm was starting up again.
OK< Desperate Houswive is on now- will continue later!

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