Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Everyone! Today is Fri and my cabin fever has now expanded into Villa Fever.
I was all excited to get out of the house today and go to Rye and get my haircut and conditioned but of course- snowstorm- nt like I am walking Red Carpet soon- so I'll go on Sunday- noone will care- My husband and the cats are good with it.

So since my last blog my buddy from College called me back- guess I was overreacting about his wife- he said she was cool and she has a huge network of friends- We caught up on old times like it was yesterday and it was great to hear he has twin boys and also glad to hear he married someone his age and not this young chickster he had been dating yrs ago when I last saw him the summer before I turned 34. Wow- long time- Anyway- he comes to Long Island from time to time on business so it would be great catching up with him.

On another story- I like to write on FB comments and updates and maybe do so like lots of other comics/people do daily status updates- Noone seems to mind and I actually get a lot of positive feedback but there are a certain few who question my writing and even my pix- Why? I don't get it- I think a lot of it has to do with regressing back to HS because most of the people who aren't making positive comments are from my childhood- I am nice and supportive and it kinda bugs me when people have tolike "question stuff". i would never do that but I do not know these people at all anymore. I really hope the reunion is fun and nobody brings up negative stuff from the past. People will be drinking and anything comes out of peoples' mouth. I like reconnecting with peeps as long as it stays relaxed and easy- who has time now for hassles?

Anyway- I'll write more later- I am going to work out and hopefully it won't be packed as most people took a snow day. Later, Nina

Monday, February 22, 2010

Too Many Pringles/ Do Not Call Male Friends from Collegee

So, did it again.... A while ago I got something on an email which I innocently thought was directly from my old college alumni- ASU- (It was from a company that sucks colleges in to do all kinds of promos for the colleges-) I know- even I can't think of my school without picturing shots of tequila and well, let's leave out the rest. This school was not my first choice but that is another story.. Anyway,
the email says- Wouldn't you like a CD-rom from 80-83 seeing where all your college friends are doing now. I think OK, Think some more and sick of thinking- Do IT- they even ask for a recent photo- they did not use it- I pictured it as a video of peoples faces and writing next to it- it is set up like a chart- you know- like an X- Cel spred sheet- and it is so boring. The letters run from A-Z and you click on the last name of the person you are looking for- you HAVE TO put he year you are looking for in the beginning or else you have to reinstall the whole progeam! Then you click on persons' last name- Problem is- Everyone I knew had nicknames and the people who I remembered their first names, I did not remember their last names. So there you have it. I found 3 people to call, an old roommate who was like a frenemy- a girl i knew who lived in this coool house with me and 4 other people who was an art major- finally got her on the phone- noone had their email but let me keep going- She did not know at first who I was, so I kept talking and slowly her memory came back to who I was- (always fun-) and we had a nice chat- She said she is on FB- prob under her husbands name- so did not find her- then their was my friennd Bob. He had an email address but 2 days after I sent it it got kicked back.

Then I called his house- The last time we saw each other, I was almost 34 and he was in Long Island on business from Honeywell- that big company- I really do not know what they make besides thermostats which I always got yelled at for touching it to make it warmer. Funny how parents automatically know when you touch the thermostat- even if they are on vacation- I was so obedient I did not do it but my oldest sister did. The answer was always- Put on a sweater- should have been more like- Put on your winter coat- Kill a bear and wrap it around your body- anyway- back to the story- Anyway- I take the train out and we drive around long Island, go to Roslyn for lunch- he tells me his GF is 10 yrs younger and it is hard because she always wants to go dancing- at that time he was 37 so I really do not get it anyway- That was it- I told him I was in a relationship with a black man which I could tell he did not like- blood vessels in neck popping a good sign- since he was from South Side of Chicago and they were racist as I found out by how many times him and his South Side buddies used the N word and thought Jewshad horns- I was almost convinced I had horns!!!. Very different from NY. Anyway, he was fun and I would visit him a couple of times after graduation- the first time I told him I wanted to move out there and he was looking for places for me- being like not even 23, I changed my mind and moved to NYC- then, at 25 went back to visit an old bf in college- who broke my heart and was evil but of course- I stayed with him anyway-
The last night I was to leave- he stayed out all night and his rommate took me to the airport to go to LA- I hated him then but was glad to visit other friends from LA- saw Bob- the guy I have been talking about among others- one night we all went out to a club in Holywood and he was going out with someone else- then at 28- we reconnected and I visited him- I think it was in LA- I can't remember and it was fun. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend but more buddies- he was a lot of fun. Anyway, assuming he had a family- whether he married that girl who was 10 years younger or not is besides the point- I called because his email got kicked back- The first time- noone was home and an answering machine went on- It was like- so peppy- like Arizona people- Hi- you've reached Dani, Bob, Chase and Tyler- I know- cute names for boys, right? So I hang up- not wanting to leave a msg- I waited a little while- call back- She answers I ask for Bob and she kinda acts freakish on the phone- like Shes' Elin Woods and i am one of Tigers' mistresses'- asking me how do I know Bob- I say I am an old college freind and just got the CD- rom Arizona alumni and she's like Bob doesn't belong to the ASU Alumni- I say I am just callling a bunch of old friends- she says- Hold On- and says Honey- Did DADDY go exercising- really loud saying Daddy- She comes back to phone and I leave my # but I know whether she gave him the msg or just gave him hell, I'll probably never hear from him again. Wish I could return the damn CD!! Anyway- Walking to Walgreens is a big treat for me - When it opened- you would have thought Cirqued De Soleil came to town.. Seriously, I work from home and when I need air- I take a walk and usually stop thre, pick up some Spanish words and look thru the aisles- Always PRINGLES 2 for 3.00- lately- for the last few weeks - I have been buying them- I love the pizza ones and some other types but my husband only likes regular Pringles- Bland and cheddar cheese kind- so does the cat- the other story seems somehow bettr buit I will keep everyone posted on how my Pringles habit is going- I HAVE TO STOP!!!! Have a lovely day! Nina

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi- it is Friday and no work- hooray!!! Freedom Day- I just watched Tiger Woods speech and find it very unconvincing- So contrived and he must have gotten a stiff neck from reading his prepared speech - prob not first time he was stiff- haha- LOL
saw that coming- OK- I'll stop- even though he did not!!! hee hee

Who cares about Golf anyway- Except the people who make money off him- Thy were the ones giving him the biggest hugs of course! And Mom- so sentimental and heartwarming- makes sure camera picks that shot up! Who the heck were the peeps in the audience- looked like a town Hall meeting like politicians have- would have been funny if Joe the Plumber showed up- Ha ha

Can't wait for Olympics to be over- If I wanted to watch outdoor sports- I'd play in the snow- I remember playing in the backyard of my house for hours- making snow angels, anything- my mom would call me in after many hrs- of course At that point I had frostbite but that's another story. Hamsters, does anyone buy them as pets anymore- We had them- Of course- when we purchased them, they failed to mention the
fact that the female hamsters eat their young if not separated- so one day- look at cage- all the babies are gone- I remember having vivid dreams of my very unfinished basement with tons of neglected hamsters and no water in their bottles and we forgot all about them and then they showed up- alo had dreams homeless men snuck in the basement window and lived in the basement- my basement was soooo scary- like horror- movie scary- 2 lights in it- one for the stairs and one light bulb hanging on a string above the washer and dryer- when my mom asked me to take the clothes out of dryer for her- I remember I could not get out of their fast enough- I had nightmares of that basement for along time- among other nightmares- like my childhood- Half LOL- Well, time to get out and see any decent movies are playing or take a nice walk- need to REALLY unclog my brain- Later- Nina

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remember my song- my husband remebered how it went- it it so funny- can't wait o sing it live somewhere in comedic form. Warching show about undercover CEOs pretending they are regular workers to see how their company is working. Tonightis Hoters CEO- seems like nice guy- divoreced, 3 kids- I won't giveit away but at end discover itis Hooters CEO as in every show- workers discover worker is ownerof company. OK.
used to watching Desperate Housewives but Winter Olympic sis on and can't wait hat because of poor limoge guy died in training- poor kid told his father 2 days before he was cared of the track. Kind of puts a damper on the Death Olympics/

PS- John Edwards continues to nausate me daily- also surprised Jeff Goldblum was involved with her- always like him- will this saga ever end??
Away for weekend- Just last night but was really nice to get away 1 night- always nice to stay ina hotel. Now, today- my husband is set on fixing sink sohe went to Home Depot to get pipes. Romantic, right- Ke had better come back with some flowes is all I'm sayin' I had a song in my head about being a nasal spray terrorist- forgot it- My husband might remember the song. It is pretty funny.

I haven't been watching Olympics- used to be into the Luge events and winter sports but so sad that young guy died in training- Hello- make it safer- not that hard- they need to put up a protective wall- much more dangerous than car racing if you ask me- not that I would know. I get scared just going to the trash room.

Ha ha- Just wanted to get my chops going. Cats are sooo happy we are back, Very tired today. Going to take a nap now.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi, Today is Saturday- Feel better. Got my hair done yesterday and they were badgering me about the Keratin treatment- which, if I get it on Wednesdays is only 300 dollars- sounded like a good idea considering I get 50 dollar treatments every time I het a haircut anyway but this is like a twice a year deal. I agreed but I am not going to take Wednesdays off just to get it done- Fridays is when I have off and if they can't do it on a Fri- forget it- I can always go somewher else and since I'm working part- time- I'll just jeep doing what I'm doing until I feel I can indulge- right now- it's not necessary- I already bought a new round brush there for 25 bucks and a conditioner for my hair for 25 bucks and last time I got hair oil there wich I haven't evened opened yet and I tip well. I have to keep reminding them- I may look like Greenwich but I'm
not from the Mayflower- I'm from Ellis Island- well, my relatives were- same thing.

I had anxiety about it until I made a decision and called- made my next full head highlight appt end of March and no Keratin treatment appt .

Then I'm working today and get an email from my manager saying that I am eligible for 401K- and I work part-time and I have to fax back either if I want to take part or not on Feb 15 payperiod. So if I do not scrurry up on this- it's like fuck you- we warned you and 3% will automatically be taken out of my check. I know this fund gives the school a kickback for getting people signed up but c'mon- I'm part- time- I need all my money- Sounds like Russia if you ask me.

I made a nice steak sandwich tonight for us- marinated in portobello mushrooms, garlic, chil powder and some kosher salt. Into kosher salt now cause Rachel Ray always uses it and whatever she does, I do- She's my cooking goddess. The bread was warm and crusty and putting the mushgrooms with the olive oil mixture made it taste great. After All, can't eat chicken all the time- that's Land of the Bland- I like that- used to always say that onstage- Where i live- Land of the Bland!!! No Meat Market fasionistas walking around here! Plenty of Muffys, Biff and Chip! Not like Chip from My 3 Sons- He was a nice boy- I really like that show- they never even have it on TV Land- remember Uncle Charlie!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh my Gosh- My computer froze and I shut it off the usual short quick way but this time it did not work and my husband had to reinstall it and I lost all my photos,
always deleting everything from my sent file- dumb but like in real life I hate clutter. I really panicked! At least I habe my blog account and my FB account and I will need my other stuff- like my work sign- on.
I can't believe how attached I got to all those pix. At least I have some on FB.
That helps. I had a rough day and was bombarded with appointments and really need to go slower, I was so burnt out at the end of day and it is not like I am getting any commissions like my other jobs- When will things be normal gain!!!

I'm exhausted and disgusted- Gotta go now

Monday, February 1, 2010

Well, it is Monday- Feb 1st and I pray that groundhog sees his shadow- right- that's how it goes?- Remember last year when Bloomberg was trying to get the ground hog out and ground hog bit him- That was really funny- maybe he did not want him to run for a 3rd term and that was his wayof letting us know.

So tired- have to wash face and put all the keeep me young looking crap on, Accomplished a little today- at least worked out- ate healthy and willl try to be disciplined until Fri.
Am tired, missed Men of a Certain Age- love that show but worth missing it as talking with good friend- They should have a reality show- Pre HS reunion- All about people getting ready for their HS reunion and the anxieties they go thru remembering HS and peopel and stuff- That would be good- wish I could write more- have to do this earlier instead of feeding cows on FM- Anyway- TTYL- Nina-