Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi- it is Friday and no work- hooray!!! Freedom Day- I just watched Tiger Woods speech and find it very unconvincing- So contrived and he must have gotten a stiff neck from reading his prepared speech - prob not first time he was stiff- haha- LOL
saw that coming- OK- I'll stop- even though he did not!!! hee hee

Who cares about Golf anyway- Except the people who make money off him- Thy were the ones giving him the biggest hugs of course! And Mom- so sentimental and heartwarming- makes sure camera picks that shot up! Who the heck were the peeps in the audience- looked like a town Hall meeting like politicians have- would have been funny if Joe the Plumber showed up- Ha ha

Can't wait for Olympics to be over- If I wanted to watch outdoor sports- I'd play in the snow- I remember playing in the backyard of my house for hours- making snow angels, anything- my mom would call me in after many hrs- of course At that point I had frostbite but that's another story. Hamsters, does anyone buy them as pets anymore- We had them- Of course- when we purchased them, they failed to mention the
fact that the female hamsters eat their young if not separated- so one day- look at cage- all the babies are gone- I remember having vivid dreams of my very unfinished basement with tons of neglected hamsters and no water in their bottles and we forgot all about them and then they showed up- alo had dreams homeless men snuck in the basement window and lived in the basement- my basement was soooo scary- like horror- movie scary- 2 lights in it- one for the stairs and one light bulb hanging on a string above the washer and dryer- when my mom asked me to take the clothes out of dryer for her- I remember I could not get out of their fast enough- I had nightmares of that basement for along time- among other nightmares- like my childhood- Half LOL- Well, time to get out and see any decent movies are playing or take a nice walk- need to REALLY unclog my brain- Later- Nina

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