Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hi, Today is Saturday- Feel better. Got my hair done yesterday and they were badgering me about the Keratin treatment- which, if I get it on Wednesdays is only 300 dollars- sounded like a good idea considering I get 50 dollar treatments every time I het a haircut anyway but this is like a twice a year deal. I agreed but I am not going to take Wednesdays off just to get it done- Fridays is when I have off and if they can't do it on a Fri- forget it- I can always go somewher else and since I'm working part- time- I'll just jeep doing what I'm doing until I feel I can indulge- right now- it's not necessary- I already bought a new round brush there for 25 bucks and a conditioner for my hair for 25 bucks and last time I got hair oil there wich I haven't evened opened yet and I tip well. I have to keep reminding them- I may look like Greenwich but I'm
not from the Mayflower- I'm from Ellis Island- well, my relatives were- same thing.

I had anxiety about it until I made a decision and called- made my next full head highlight appt end of March and no Keratin treatment appt .

Then I'm working today and get an email from my manager saying that I am eligible for 401K- and I work part-time and I have to fax back either if I want to take part or not on Feb 15 payperiod. So if I do not scrurry up on this- it's like fuck you- we warned you and 3% will automatically be taken out of my check. I know this fund gives the school a kickback for getting people signed up but c'mon- I'm part- time- I need all my money- Sounds like Russia if you ask me.

I made a nice steak sandwich tonight for us- marinated in portobello mushrooms, garlic, chil powder and some kosher salt. Into kosher salt now cause Rachel Ray always uses it and whatever she does, I do- She's my cooking goddess. The bread was warm and crusty and putting the mushgrooms with the olive oil mixture made it taste great. After All, can't eat chicken all the time- that's Land of the Bland- I like that- used to always say that onstage- Where i live- Land of the Bland!!! No Meat Market fasionistas walking around here! Plenty of Muffys, Biff and Chip! Not like Chip from My 3 Sons- He was a nice boy- I really like that show- they never even have it on TV Land- remember Uncle Charlie!

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