Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remember my song- my husband remebered how it went- it it so funny- can't wait o sing it live somewhere in comedic form. Warching show about undercover CEOs pretending they are regular workers to see how their company is working. Tonightis Hoters CEO- seems like nice guy- divoreced, 3 kids- I won't giveit away but at end discover itis Hooters CEO as in every show- workers discover worker is ownerof company. OK.
used to watching Desperate Housewives but Winter Olympic sis on and can't wait hat because of poor limoge guy died in training- poor kid told his father 2 days before he was cared of the track. Kind of puts a damper on the Death Olympics/

PS- John Edwards continues to nausate me daily- also surprised Jeff Goldblum was involved with her- always like him- will this saga ever end??

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