Sunday, February 14, 2010

Away for weekend- Just last night but was really nice to get away 1 night- always nice to stay ina hotel. Now, today- my husband is set on fixing sink sohe went to Home Depot to get pipes. Romantic, right- Ke had better come back with some flowes is all I'm sayin' I had a song in my head about being a nasal spray terrorist- forgot it- My husband might remember the song. It is pretty funny.

I haven't been watching Olympics- used to be into the Luge events and winter sports but so sad that young guy died in training- Hello- make it safer- not that hard- they need to put up a protective wall- much more dangerous than car racing if you ask me- not that I would know. I get scared just going to the trash room.

Ha ha- Just wanted to get my chops going. Cats are sooo happy we are back, Very tired today. Going to take a nap now.

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