Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Everyone! Today is Fri and my cabin fever has now expanded into Villa Fever.
I was all excited to get out of the house today and go to Rye and get my haircut and conditioned but of course- snowstorm- nt like I am walking Red Carpet soon- so I'll go on Sunday- noone will care- My husband and the cats are good with it.

So since my last blog my buddy from College called me back- guess I was overreacting about his wife- he said she was cool and she has a huge network of friends- We caught up on old times like it was yesterday and it was great to hear he has twin boys and also glad to hear he married someone his age and not this young chickster he had been dating yrs ago when I last saw him the summer before I turned 34. Wow- long time- Anyway- he comes to Long Island from time to time on business so it would be great catching up with him.

On another story- I like to write on FB comments and updates and maybe do so like lots of other comics/people do daily status updates- Noone seems to mind and I actually get a lot of positive feedback but there are a certain few who question my writing and even my pix- Why? I don't get it- I think a lot of it has to do with regressing back to HS because most of the people who aren't making positive comments are from my childhood- I am nice and supportive and it kinda bugs me when people have tolike "question stuff". i would never do that but I do not know these people at all anymore. I really hope the reunion is fun and nobody brings up negative stuff from the past. People will be drinking and anything comes out of peoples' mouth. I like reconnecting with peeps as long as it stays relaxed and easy- who has time now for hassles?

Anyway- I'll write more later- I am going to work out and hopefully it won't be packed as most people took a snow day. Later, Nina

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