Saturday, March 6, 2010

Too Stressed

I have not written in a while, I've been really upset. I have cabin fever and was all set to go into the city on Fri and have a little fun which used to be much more often. Anyway, I go to sleep Wed night- brush my teeth- everything fine- I wake up Fri and my bonding came off my front tooth and I look like I belong on Hee- Haw. This is not good. I immediately call my dentist and get to see him later that day, He does the job, always talking about a veneer- I told him- I would if I had the money- you know I'm vain and he left me alone but at the rate of these bondings-
hopefully this will last a few more yrs and I can afford the veneer next time- 1,000 bucks- too me it's a lot of money- clothes, vacation or nothing- as the usual.
I am living week to week, paycheck to paycheck and now had to dip into my savings. I keep hoping the magical fairy will make things right again but so far she has not cast her spell on me. I send out resumes', nothing. I've never seen anything like this. Now Cablevision has taken off ABC- How is this even allowed? I really feel like this counry is turning into Russia- I'm so pissed. It's not the point- Oh, we all know who is gonna win- I feel like I am sitting with them- laughing with Brad and Angelina, sharing looks with Jeff Bridges- giving him a thumbs up for his performaace and yes, of course I'll be at Wolfgang Putz' party eating all those delicious foods in the shape of Oscars- all the losers are going to look at all the Oscar Shaped food and starting freaking out. Fuck these Oscars! I'm doing a reality show- Goodnight and Godbless Everyone except Cablevision- you guys suck!!

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