Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sootday Nite

Today was exhausting. worked earlier, had to clean up, Franks healing nicely- Thank God but was quite irritated about this whole Hs Reunion thing. I sent my check in earlier think it would be at 1 venue- only finding out it will be at an even more inconvenient location further out east on Lung Island. The person I am supposed to go with takes her time geting back to me. I could understand that to a point buecause she has a child or maybe she does not really want to go with me. The people with much deeper pockets had failed to send their money in as said, which reminds me more of why I wanted to get out of that neighborhood in the first place. People say one thing and do another- fuckin' annoying! Plus, the hotel room rate is much higher and if that friend decides not to go, I'm not going becasue I really do not want o spend 200 plus 2 round trip train tickets for what may feel like the longest night of my life. Now- we wait unitil Wed and see what happens, either way, I'm Ok with it-
I could use the 75 back that I wrote for this thing in so far advance- it is just so funny how some people do not mind telling u where they spend their money but are so tight at letting it go for other things. I'm direct and find some people can''t handle that. The older I get, the less I want to please people. My goal is to get more involved with my writing, start stand- up again- found some places to go by comics on FB in the city- and just stop giving a shit. If I felt like this long ago, well, it is pointless to go back- only forward. I will write again soon- possibly about my make believe reunion, which might be better than the real one anyway. Just as well.

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