Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Twoday is almost over and I am tired from being a good houswife all day and writing in dark- I do not care- Niece in Neece- no- funny but Jamaica- I know- spelled Neece wrong! Jamaica my blog friend who admits to reading blog.
I am so tired now- must sleep and dream happy thoughts-

Great- Midweek is here- Polished my nails and ready for fun.

Hate people who brag and exaggerate- We all know them- FB is famous for it- Oh, I did this- had this gig- we rocked- I am soo fabulous, blahn blah, brag- I got no love as a kid- boo - hoo-

Question- That romance writer who got her bf to pay for her IVFs- she was 49- Thought there was age limit on that - anyway- til whenever....

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