Monday, February 22, 2010

Too Many Pringles/ Do Not Call Male Friends from Collegee

So, did it again.... A while ago I got something on an email which I innocently thought was directly from my old college alumni- ASU- (It was from a company that sucks colleges in to do all kinds of promos for the colleges-) I know- even I can't think of my school without picturing shots of tequila and well, let's leave out the rest. This school was not my first choice but that is another story.. Anyway,
the email says- Wouldn't you like a CD-rom from 80-83 seeing where all your college friends are doing now. I think OK, Think some more and sick of thinking- Do IT- they even ask for a recent photo- they did not use it- I pictured it as a video of peoples faces and writing next to it- it is set up like a chart- you know- like an X- Cel spred sheet- and it is so boring. The letters run from A-Z and you click on the last name of the person you are looking for- you HAVE TO put he year you are looking for in the beginning or else you have to reinstall the whole progeam! Then you click on persons' last name- Problem is- Everyone I knew had nicknames and the people who I remembered their first names, I did not remember their last names. So there you have it. I found 3 people to call, an old roommate who was like a frenemy- a girl i knew who lived in this coool house with me and 4 other people who was an art major- finally got her on the phone- noone had their email but let me keep going- She did not know at first who I was, so I kept talking and slowly her memory came back to who I was- (always fun-) and we had a nice chat- She said she is on FB- prob under her husbands name- so did not find her- then their was my friennd Bob. He had an email address but 2 days after I sent it it got kicked back.

Then I called his house- The last time we saw each other, I was almost 34 and he was in Long Island on business from Honeywell- that big company- I really do not know what they make besides thermostats which I always got yelled at for touching it to make it warmer. Funny how parents automatically know when you touch the thermostat- even if they are on vacation- I was so obedient I did not do it but my oldest sister did. The answer was always- Put on a sweater- should have been more like- Put on your winter coat- Kill a bear and wrap it around your body- anyway- back to the story- Anyway- I take the train out and we drive around long Island, go to Roslyn for lunch- he tells me his GF is 10 yrs younger and it is hard because she always wants to go dancing- at that time he was 37 so I really do not get it anyway- That was it- I told him I was in a relationship with a black man which I could tell he did not like- blood vessels in neck popping a good sign- since he was from South Side of Chicago and they were racist as I found out by how many times him and his South Side buddies used the N word and thought Jewshad horns- I was almost convinced I had horns!!!. Very different from NY. Anyway, he was fun and I would visit him a couple of times after graduation- the first time I told him I wanted to move out there and he was looking for places for me- being like not even 23, I changed my mind and moved to NYC- then, at 25 went back to visit an old bf in college- who broke my heart and was evil but of course- I stayed with him anyway-
The last night I was to leave- he stayed out all night and his rommate took me to the airport to go to LA- I hated him then but was glad to visit other friends from LA- saw Bob- the guy I have been talking about among others- one night we all went out to a club in Holywood and he was going out with someone else- then at 28- we reconnected and I visited him- I think it was in LA- I can't remember and it was fun. We weren't boyfriend/girlfriend but more buddies- he was a lot of fun. Anyway, assuming he had a family- whether he married that girl who was 10 years younger or not is besides the point- I called because his email got kicked back- The first time- noone was home and an answering machine went on- It was like- so peppy- like Arizona people- Hi- you've reached Dani, Bob, Chase and Tyler- I know- cute names for boys, right? So I hang up- not wanting to leave a msg- I waited a little while- call back- She answers I ask for Bob and she kinda acts freakish on the phone- like Shes' Elin Woods and i am one of Tigers' mistresses'- asking me how do I know Bob- I say I am an old college freind and just got the CD- rom Arizona alumni and she's like Bob doesn't belong to the ASU Alumni- I say I am just callling a bunch of old friends- she says- Hold On- and says Honey- Did DADDY go exercising- really loud saying Daddy- She comes back to phone and I leave my # but I know whether she gave him the msg or just gave him hell, I'll probably never hear from him again. Wish I could return the damn CD!! Anyway- Walking to Walgreens is a big treat for me - When it opened- you would have thought Cirqued De Soleil came to town.. Seriously, I work from home and when I need air- I take a walk and usually stop thre, pick up some Spanish words and look thru the aisles- Always PRINGLES 2 for 3.00- lately- for the last few weeks - I have been buying them- I love the pizza ones and some other types but my husband only likes regular Pringles- Bland and cheddar cheese kind- so does the cat- the other story seems somehow bettr buit I will keep everyone posted on how my Pringles habit is going- I HAVE TO STOP!!!! Have a lovely day! Nina

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