Monday, February 1, 2010

Well, it is Monday- Feb 1st and I pray that groundhog sees his shadow- right- that's how it goes?- Remember last year when Bloomberg was trying to get the ground hog out and ground hog bit him- That was really funny- maybe he did not want him to run for a 3rd term and that was his wayof letting us know.

So tired- have to wash face and put all the keeep me young looking crap on, Accomplished a little today- at least worked out- ate healthy and willl try to be disciplined until Fri.
Am tired, missed Men of a Certain Age- love that show but worth missing it as talking with good friend- They should have a reality show- Pre HS reunion- All about people getting ready for their HS reunion and the anxieties they go thru remembering HS and peopel and stuff- That would be good- wish I could write more- have to do this earlier instead of feeding cows on FM- Anyway- TTYL- Nina-

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