Thursday, January 21, 2010

I really have nothing new to say- checked Farmville- Top Priority= Facebook Witty Banter
and remembered- Ohm yeah- i have a blog now-I am important. I worked today, went to gym- made dinner, watched some TV and cleaned litter box. A good friend of mine is coming up tomororw so I HAVE to vacum- and wash hair but got snacks and wine already and all I have to do is go see my shrink during the day- In Greenwich where everyone is blond and long- legged
and stepped right off the Mayflower - It is Hedge Fund City. I will go to thePet Store- get my catties a bag of salmon dry food and go to CVS in Greenwich- They are so well stocked because it is Greenwich- they even have their own security guards- no- kidding!!! I'll be driving my husbands' BMW which makes me feel good and I feel like I fit in- even though I do not. It's the look that counts and I have it- minus the Kate Spade bags and Prada clothes. I used to go into Saks to buy Mac and Bobbi Brown makeup but it got so humiliating because no one ever came over to me- like I was of no value- They must have smelled that lack of money on me. Meanwhile, they are working in the store so Hellooo- why should they have attitude- Even the cops in Greenwich and the gardeners in Greenwich are snobby! ha ha
Goodnight- Try to be more amusing tomorrow!!!

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