Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tonight is Tuesday, feel much better than yesterday. We will prob still move but it won't hapen overnight. First, we have to find a place we like- go back if we like it- Big decision and selling this place is not going to be easy. An average range of time is about 3 months- we'll see- One day at a time. I just think- who will I really miss- some of my friends but that isn't a main reason to stay. Myparents even though I only see them once a month for about 4 hrs. I am not close with my sister and hardly ever speak to her, I have tried but it's time to just move on- we just aren't close and most likely never will be. I used to go there when the kids were little- they adored me then and I used to count how many words she would say to me- Barely talked to me- I was always uncomfortable but put up with it because I wanted the kids to love me. If I say it's raining out, even if it is, she will say- no it isn't- After a while, a pattern emerges. Most people care about their significant others and thier kids and their own lives but they can get on without you. as long as they can communicate with you and tell you what's going on with THEM, everyones' happy. NYC- yeah, I miss it but when I go in I see memories not the way it is now but what I remember- going out, relationships, the good times even when I was broke and doing comedy- everyone was doing it and it seemed like a group collaboration. I think I liked that mor e than actually going up. It made me feel less lonely. Always someone to talk to, usually it was about them but still- it was nice for a while. I just want to move somewhere where there is a little nightlife, a cute little city. Some culture- Nothing like
Port Chester. I have to change the name of my blog- It's really not Just Ask nina- that is more of an advice column idea I had way back- I have a new name- Time to look for Edit Blog Name, shall we!

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