Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi- did everyone see the Golden Globe- was not so exciting- Thought they snubbed Quentin Tarantinos' movie on purpose- so glad the German actor won best supporting actor. Mickey Rourke looked like he was wearing a mask and the highlight of the night was Ricky Gervais's intro to Mel Gibson- people were spitting up laughing. To be honest, with what's going on in Haiti it was hard to watch and enjoy it while people are still over there buried alive, babies are dying, everyones' dying and where is all the US Aid??? I do not get it- this tragedy is so horriffic- I can't even bear to watch it on CNN anymore and hear the cries and moans of people and the sad
families wiping away their tears after just burying another loved one. It is so heartbreaking and what about the oprphanges? I just don't get it- reporters can get there no problem but getting aid to the dying is like- so difficult. This really sucks!! I have to go to bed now but will not be having sweet dreams, I can assure you that.

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