Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday- Wow- My own blog- so exciting!!! I'vw not much to say- lazy day- still in bathrobe and deciding when and if, to shower. So, the big Massuchsetts Senate race is Tues- if the democrats do not win- the Senate will have less than 60 democratic votes. What do you think??

See,I'm trying to be political even though I think most of them are full of crap. Power, Power, Power and now look at Haiti- Incredible, isnt it- Now on to the next thing- Power!!!! We care we care- back to Power- It's all an act if you ask me- Everything is so carefully timed- They probably have a timer ser- OK- next thing to act like we care about!!!!

Now- On to what I really know well- the Celebs- Why are we talking about the Golden Globes now- isn't it like a week away- Can't we have some breathing space before we have to see who is wearing what designer dress- Although- I admit- I love seeing some of these celebs dress horribly- you think- Wow- they are just like me-I'd wear something stupid like that too!
Ok, shower time- Obama is getting heckled right now on TV and I thought he was pretty funny !!!

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  1. Nina- great job- keep it going- you are doing a great job- Nina2