Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, it has been a while since my last blog- almost 2 weeks. The prooblem is my aimless sched. It has to have more purpose- I get on Farmville late and am too tired to write. Now I get on earlier and don't care as much. So our place is on the market and I think it's going to be tough. We have no idea where we are going and I wish we could move back to NYC - that would excite me- Pittsbugh might be Ok or even upstate for awhile. most of the time I am on the computer anyway so as long as the cats are happy and we are near a PetSmart, Walmart, some decent stores and movie theaters- TJ Maxx, I'm good to go and when I go to NY- I'll stay the weekend. I would like a decent job with benefits so that is the next step. Job Security is really important to me especially now since the big # is around th ecorner. I hope to stay healthy and hope all my loved ones are as well, especially my husband, the cats and my parents and sisters. Franks neice should be giving birth on my dads birthday- May 1st-her due date- Hope everything works out with her. She is a very nice girl. Well, this is a start. I must use my water pik now and get ready for bed. I hope Brett Michaels gets better- I feel bad for him. So sad. xo- Nins

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