Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gosh, can't believe I haven't posted anything since May 11th. I need to focus on myself again. Can't imagine people with families- probably really hard to get own personal time in- which is important- one I can see- two- no time- just like your body becomes emeshed in others. Reunion was fun and for a week a whirlwind of photos popping up. It was fun, like going back to a much easier time- of course it was-it was HS- still, so much anxiety in my house- never felt quite relaxed until I was hanging out with my friends on my own drugged up to numb the pain.
Still waiting to sell house, one guy came back with his parents - said his realtors would contact ours- Well, that was Sun- Today is Thurs and no news. Seems like an oddball- alwyas came late- claiming his realtor told him the times were 2-4. He is not coming back in again- Oddly enuf, my MPV player is now missing. No accusations- just sayin'- maybe I left it at friends place. Lets see- Fri going into city to see Sucks in the City- apparantly bad reviews but with my friend so who cares and we'll go out after. Sat- b-b- que in NJ at our friends and Sun and Mon hopefully beach and park,
Franks still interviewing and has to go to Alabama in 2 weeks for an interview- I know- ugh- they are flying him out here and paying for everything so he might as well go. I PRAY the Cornell job comes thru- I know he really wants that one and it would be an easy transisition. I am looking forward to getting my hair treatment- about time- have to because getting head shots June 18th and hair has to look great in pix- also pray my gyno results come back neg on everything. Please God!!!

Anyway- That's it- I will try to write more regularly- there has to be a book in here somewhere, right???

xo- Nie

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